Gamebound Retro Gamestick HDMI Output TV Video Game, Built-in 7000+ Games (All English), Two 2.4G Dual Wireless Controllers

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    • Over 7000+ built-in games in easy to navigate menu. No repeats! Fast gameplay speed.
    • Please choose the "Class" TAB category before playing. ALL 7000+ ENGLISH GAMES BUILT-IN "class" category works perfectly. Just use the right trigger to get there. If you need help, please contact us, we will guarantee satisfaction.
    • Includes two wireless PS2 style controllers, with rumble feature
    • Compatible with any HDMI TV. No messy cables or wires
    • 9 gaming systems emulated, CPS -- 2094 games, NES - 685 games, SNES - 747 games, Atari - 851 games, GB - 682 games, GBC - 534 games, GBA - 864 games, PS1 - 48 games 
    • Makes a perfect gift for either children or adults. A perfect gift for holidays, birthdays, and Christmas.