NES Nintendo Classic Edition 1 MINI controller with 1 extension cord

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Do you have a Nintendo Classic but want to sit more than three feet away from the TV?  Maybe you need a second controller for some multiplayer gaming.  Either way, our controller packs are for you!
These controllers are built specifically for the NES Classic Edition aka the NES Mini.  The buttons have solid input resistance and are all fully tested before sent to the customer.
You can get the controller by itself or with one or two extension cables, allowing you to sit further from the TV while playing.


  • Built specifically for the NES Classic Edition 2019

  • Optional controller cord length approximately 6 feet allowing for a total of 12 foot distance

  • All units are fully tested before sending them out

  • Fast and free shipping!
This is not an official Nintendo product, but is fully compatible with Nintendo Classic 2016.   Distributed by Gamebound.